I’m Sergey and this is my story

The Origin

People often get surprised and confused when they hear my name. How is your name Sergey? You look Asian. Simply put, I am an ethnic Korean (I’d say 4th generation), yet I was born and raised in Uzbekistan a country located in Central Asia.

The Biggest Change

When I was 12 I moved to South Korea with my family. At that time I was simply excited as a kid moving to a new country even though it was not my first time visiting as my grandparents already lived there for years.
To my surprise, adapting to a totally new environment was not an issue at all, It was language barrier. Despite me being ethnically Korean, my native language is Russian, so is my parents and grandparents I attended an International school where I barely spoke any English, let me tell you that was the most I have ever struggled doing assignments and all sorts of tasks, simple homework that should take 5 minutes would take me at least an hour. I had to translate pretty much everything word for word to try and understand even a gist of the assignment. First year was definitely tough, but after it was pretty much smooth sailing. I learned English, made friends, and developed an extreme love for sports (especially basketball), honestly life was pretty good at that point. It’s funny to think back that my biggest struggle moving to South Korea wasn’t even learning Korean.

After long yet short 6 years I finally graduated in 2015. I attended University in Seoul majoring in International Studies. I never wanted to major in that field and I purely picked by accident. You see, in Korean Universities you can’t switch majors, once you pick your initial major that is your major until you graduate. Well, you can have a minor but you will still be majoring in your first picked major or you can just drop out and apply again without any guarantees of being accepted again. With that said International studies is a beautiful major, just not my forte. There was definitely a lot of regret, studying what I didn’t like one bit but what can you do about it. As my junior years approached I couldn’t keep but wonder what my future will look like after graduation. Two years later and I am still wondering.

The Adulthood

Fast-forward to the present. It’s been 2 years since I started working in corporate, one of those conglomerate constructions companies. Am I enjoying it? Not really… But it pays and enables me to start building foundation to my financial freedom. You always have to start somewhere, there isn’t any magical formula to success or getting rich, it all takes time and a bit of luck. My honest personal goal is to become rich and wealthy because I want to have the ability to provide, Anything at Anytime for my family and friends. I am a newbie just like anyone else out there that’s starting blogging, I don’t specialize in anything particular. I haven’t learned anything working in corporate besides a bit of discipline, nothing really to make more experienced or professional. I am just trying to be successful and be the best version of myself.

This is my life from the beginning till the present. It’s a new journey from now on and I am terrified of what’s the future holding out for me. Will it be a success or a failure? I guess we will just have to wait and see how it goes. At the end of the day, we are nothing if we don’t help each other. I hope anyone that visits this blog will find answers they are looking for or at least find a sense of guidance in the right direction.