7 Best Credit Repair Software (Personal & Business)

Credit repair software is essential for anyone looking to improve their credit score. Your credit score is one of the most critical numbers in your life, and it’s essential to make sure that it’s as high as possible. A good credit score can save you money on car loans, mortgages, and other loans.

What’s great about Credit Repair Software is that it can save you tons of precious time that you can focus on something less tedious.

It’s pretty straightforward to use the credit repair software listed below, which you can use for business and personal use.

What are the Best Credit Repair Software tools?

The following are the best Credit Repair Software today.

1. Credit Repair Cloud

Overall Best Credit Repair Software

Credit Repair Cloud is the leading credit repair software with a turn-key business solution to start, run, and manage a credit repair business. Credit Repair Cloud is web-based so that you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

With Credit Repair Cloud, you can quickly start a credit repair business by importing your clients’ credit reports in minutes. You can easily track your disputes and reports all from a dashboard.

Due to the pandemic, finding a job is difficult, and starting a Credit Repair Software business might be the last puzzle piece you’ve been missing in your financial freedom or in quitting your 9-5.

Key Features

  • Training is constantly updated
  • It can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
  • Client Billing is automated and recurring
  • Tracks disputes and reports all from one dashboard
  • Add clients to a ready to use system
  • Make extra revenue through credit monitoring services
  • You can import credit reports and generate dispute letters in seconds
  • Ready system to help you set up your affiliate partnerships
  • Become a credit coach to earn additional commissions


Credit Repair Cloud has a 30-day free trial and starts at $179/month.

  • Start: $179
  • Grow: $299
  • Scale: $399
  • Enterprise: $599

Bottom Line

If you wish to start or grow your own credit repair business, “Credit Repair Cloud” is a recommended companion. This credit repair lets you sign up new clients and send out reports and disputes with barely lifting a finger and improving clients’ credit scores all from one dashboard.

2. Disputebee

For Personal Credit Repair Software Program

Disputebee is credit repair software that was created to simplify access to the credit repair industry. Disputebee pulls data from the credit bureaus and provides a dispute interface for users to manage their credit disputes.

The software also offers a customizable workflow, allowing users to automate their credit repair process.

Fix your credit score and upgrade to a Business Plan to start your own credit repair business and fix credit for your client.

Key Features

  • CRM system to manage clients
  • Fast and easy import of credit reports
  • Automate credit repair process
  • Automatically generate dispute letters
  • Can have an unlimited number of team members
  • E-contract integration
  • Monitor credit score progress
  • Create customized dispute letters


While Disputebee does not offer a free trial, it does come at an affordable starting plan at $39/mo.

Disputebee is a personal credit repair software but does offer a Business plan at $99/mo that allows you to create your own credit repair company.

  • Individual: $39/mo
  • Business: $99/mo

Bottom line

Disputebee is credit repair software designed for a simplified credit repair solution. Disputebee pulls data from the credit bureaus and provides a dispute interface for users to manage their credit disputes.

3. ScoreCEO

For Professional Credit Repair Software

ScoreCEO is credit repair software that is designed to help credit repair businesses manage their clients’ credit reports and disputes. The software provides users with a dashboard to track their credit score to progress and create customized dispute letters.

ScoreCEO also offers an affiliate program that allows users to earn commission by referring other credit repair businesses to the software.

Key Features

  • Affiliate program (Facebook and Twitter referral)
  • Track credit score progress
  • Create customized dispute letters
  • Send out reports
  • Automated sales pipiline
  • Automated client workflow
  • Pre-built branded email campaigns
  • Google analytics integration
  • Advanced Dispute Engine
  • E-signature tracking
  • Unlimited Leads


ScoreCEO offers an unlimited free plan and offers three more paid plans

  • Free: $0/mo
  • Kickstart: $129/mo
  • Essential: $179/mo
  • Advanced: $299/mo

Bottom Line

ScoreCEO is credit repair software to help credit repair businesses manage their clients’ credit reports and disputes. ScoreCEO’s interface makes it easy to keep track of credit history, edit dispute letters, and send reports—one of the hands-free credit repair software programs.

4. Client Dispute Manager

All in One Credit Repair Business Software

Client Dispute Manager credit repair software or CDM is a cloud-based credit repair CRM that helps credit repair businesses manage their clients, disputes, and credit reports. The software provides users with a dashboard to track their credit score to progress, create customized letters, and send reports.

CDM is an all-in-one solution to run your credit repair business from a single dashboard.

This beginner-friendly software is perfect for those looking to start their credit repair company or those looking to scale.

Key features

  • Effortlessly import credit reports
  • generate credit audits in a matter of seconds
  • Bulk print 100’s of letters at a time
  • Integration with Zapier
  • Automated credit score updates
  • Over 200 dispute letter templates to choose from


CDM offers a 30-day-free trial and provides four plans to choose from.

  • Starting: $50/mo
  • Growing: $149/mo
  • Enterprise: $199/mo
  • Yearly: $1,200/mo

Bottom Line

Client Dispute Manager credit repair software is a way to create a profitable credit repair business even as a beginner or have less hands-on business due to its automation features. Additionally, it’s also an excellent source for educational and informational purposes because they offer free training and a blog with useful credit-related information.

5. Lexington Law Credit

Most Experienced Credit Repair Services

Lexington Law Credit is credit repair software that offers a variety of features to help users improve their credit scores. They will help you with your credit repair and teach you everything from a simple credit report to drafting a dispute letter.

Lexington Law involves working with three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, to eliminate incorrect items on your credit report to better your credit scores.

Their website is a great place for educational resources that provides in-depth articles on fixing and building credit on your own.

Key Features

  • Free credit report consultation
  • Credit score analysis
  • Credit monitoring
  • Cease-and-desist letters
  • Professional financial advice from their legal team
  • Identity theft protection
  • Bureau challenges and disputes
  • Free personalized focus track


Lexington Law does not offer a free trial and comes with three paid plans

  • Concord Standard: $95.95/mo
  • Concord Premier: $119.95/mo
  • Premier Plus: 139.95/mo

Bottom Line

Lexington Law Credit is a professional credit repair software that offers a variety of features to help users improve their credit scores. One of the most experienced firms in credit repair consulting to date.

6. Dispute Fox

For Most Feature Advanced Credit Repair Software

Dispute Fox credit repair software with advanced automation is ideal for credit repair professionals who know the industry’s ins and outs.

This credit software makes the entire dispute process and reporting errors much faster and automated due to its high-end future.

Dispute Fox is packed with an all-in-one CRM system that allows you to create an automated workflow and create different billing methods all in one dashboard.

Key Features

  • Leads display to track all your leads (messages, assigned parties)
  • Set up automation campaigns
  • Track your leads with email, messages, SMS, etc.
  • Advanced client management system to track clients’ progress, stage updates, marketing, and retention campaigns.
  • Credit report import
  • Affiliate portal messages


DisputeFox comes with a 30-day-free trial and offers three plans to choose from.

They offer monthly payments and yearly options that will help you save money.

  • Starting: $129/mo
  • Growing: $139/mo
  • Scaling: $499/mo

Bottom Line

This credit repair company is a newcomer with a promising feature. Catered towards more experienced people but not limited just to them. With its high-end features, handling dispute processes and credit reports will be a piece of cake.

7. Credit Versio

Personal Credit Repair Dispute App

Credit Versio is a credit repair software that allows you to upload personal credit reports and deal with the dispute works all through your phone—making the dispute process convenient and easy.

Credit Versio is an affordable and easy-to-use personal credit repair software and is highly recommended by many. If you get confused, their customer support will help you upload a credit file until what is in a credit report.

Key Features

  • Dispute any account on all three credit bureaus by deleting accounts from them (Ex. late payments)
  • You can send out unlimited disputes
  • Generate professional letters
  • Easily track your results
  • Identity theft insurance


Credit Versio is free to use, but you will be required to pay for a credit monitoring service. Good services are usually never free, and it’s well worth it if it helps with a bad credit history.

  • Smartcredit Basic: $19.95/mo
  • Smartcredit Premium: $24.95/mo
  • Identity IQ: $29.99/mo

Bottom Line

It is one of the most affordable and best credit repair software solutions on the market. It is easy to use and a good way to improve your personal credit score. If you are not sure about the process, their customer service will help you with your credit report and anything you have questions about.

What is Credit Repair Software

Credit repair software is a program that helps users improve their credit numbers by helping to identify errors on their credit reports and dispute them with the credit bureaus. These software programs also allow users to monitor their credit scores to see improvements over time.


Credit Repair Software is an effective way to improve your personal credit and the credits of your clients.

Whether you start your credit repair services or do your credit repair, it is crucial to take your time and do your due diligence regardless of your chosen services.

If you decide to try yourself in the credit repair industry, do your homework, be patient, and only then should you take action.

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