7 Best Outreach Tools to Scale Your Business

Are you familiar with the art of outreach? 

If you’re not, you should be; if you are, you’ll know how impactful outreach efforts can be.

On average, 92% of interactions with customers happen through calls. Moreover, emails can be 40 times more effective in generating leads than social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Pretty much-doing outreach emails or phone calls could make a significant amount of difference in your sales effort. 

But the truth is, if you conduct cold email outreach on your own, it can be pretty time-consuming to do it manually and devise outreach strategies. You can have a lot of benefits to your sales process if you use outreach tools for your marketing strategy.

To know more about the best outreach tools for marketing professionals, keep on reading as we will cover them all in this article. 

What is an outreach tactic in Marketing? 

Before we cut to the chase with the best email outreach tools, we should first review what cold outreach is.

If you’re unfamiliar with this term, an outreach campaign is a marketing strategy. It basically is what it says in the name.

You’re reaching out to specific businesses and potential clients to promote your product, service, event, content, or offer. It makes people familiar with what you offer, allowing you to gain more recognition for your brand, help with promotion and increase your revenue. 

A good outreach strategy can also increase the likelihood of comments, shoutouts, and reviews on your social media. Outreach tools can help you with this by having certain features streamlined into one platform to help you achieve these goals. 

What are the steps involved in an outreach campaign? 

To have a solid outreach strategy, you typically have five steps to secure more sales. The six steps are the following:

  • Look for prospective customers: Don’t exhaust your outreach efforts on just anyone. You’ll want to reach out to your target audience through blogs, websites, influencers, and industry experts. 
  • Choose the right decision-maker: When outreaching out via email, you’ll want to ensure that the person you send it to is capable of making a decision and can approve the requests you send. 
  • Create personalized emails: Don’t just send generic emails to your audience; you’ll want to treat them like humans. Make sure the email is personal and enticing, grabbing their attention and highlighting the benefits of why they should partner or buy from you. 
  • Follow up on the personalized emails: If you’ve heard nothing from your outreach emails, you’ll want to follow up. Often these people are just busy, and it’s up to you to get their attention again. So, try and set 2-3 days between emails to reach out again. If there is no answer, try again in a week or a month, but don’t do it too much and become a spammer. 
  • Make long-term relationships: With outreach emails, you’ll want to ensure you make long-term relationships where you could get more opportunities presented to you in the future. 
  • Automation: Make sure your email campaigns are automated for consistent results. Email tracking is a great feature to know when and who opens the emails, and make sure outreach is effective. Create automated follow-ups that convert.

The top email outreach tools you need to know about 

You should use an email outreach tool to help scale your business and save your sales teams a lot of time. To save you time browsing for hours on the internet, we’ve devised a breakdown of the 7 best top email outreach tools to check out. 


Respona harnesses many types of link building into a platform to help boost your email outreach campaign. They mainly target bloggers as a blogger outreach tool for helping with marketing, digital PR, and sales. Just from their interface, you can send out personalized email campaigns, sequences, email tracking, and conversions from their dashboard. Outreach tools like this aim to incentivize your target audience to leave a review in exchange for a backlink. 

Key features

  • Easy to find prospects: This email outreach tool allows you to scale by finding your target audience and clients through their live search engine.
  • Personalized emails: They allow you to create email sequences and automate them.
  • Personalized pitches: You can enhance your marketing efforts using their AI software to create customized pitches. 
  • Built-in analytics: You can access and interpret the data from your email campaigns.


If you’re interested in using this email outreach tool, then you’re lucky; they provide a 7-day free trial. In this trial, you can get a custom onboarding session and can cancel at any time. Regarding pricing packages, they’re transparent and charge the exact cost no matter the size of your business. You can pay either $79 a month for the yearly package or $99 a month for their monthly option. 

Bottom line 

Overall, this email outreach tool is ideal for any business. Their transparent pricing allows you to benefit at the same rate as others. They have multiple features to help you scale, like live search, podcast discovery, link building, personalized email outreach, analytics, and more. You can try them out for yourself with their seven-day free trial!

2. Hunter.io 

Another fantastic email outreach tool you should consider is Hunter.io. This outreach tool is one of the most popular;] they have over 3 million people using them, including notable companies like Google, Adobe, Microsoft, IBM, and more. With prospective clients like theirs, they’re certainly worth trying out.

This outreach tool also eases the outreach process by letting you send cold emails individually or in bulk. Alongside this, you can do blogger outreach by being able to automate follow-up messages, create engaging content with them and undergo email tracking. 

Key features 

  • Simple outreach tool: To use Hunter.io, you must input the company’s website and the name of the individual you’re trying to access the email for. 
  • It’s cheap: They provide 25 free searches a month, then you can pay if you need more.
  • Templates: If you’re stuck on what to write for your cold emails, they have hundreds of templates to help with cold outreach.
  • Seamless process: Hunter lets you link your multiple email accounts to their platform, making finding someone easy. 


Hunter has different pricing plans to suit the size of your business and its intentions. Its initial package allows you to access its basic functions, including 25 free monthly searches. Then you can use their starter plan at $49, growth plan at $99, pro at $199, or business at $399 a month. 

Bottom line

Hunter is no doubt a reputable email outreach tool used by many. The reason why it’s quite popular is due to the simplicity of their platform and how easy it is to undergo email outreach with them. Depending on what you’re willing to spend, they have lots of different options and functions, but to decide on what you want, you might want to try their 25 searches for free first.

3. BuzzSumo

Since its beginning in 2014, BuzzSumo has been quite a hit for content creators from bloggers, writers, influencers, social media managers, and more. In addition to content research, it also doubles up as an epic email outreach tool. This cloud-based platform allows you to find influencers and contact them to help scale your business. 

Key Features

  • Content research: BuzzSumo lets you create killer content alongside sending sales outreach campaigns. Their search feature allows you to locate articles and topics with a lot of engagement.
  • Find contact details: They help you locate your prospective audience by browsing people with high engagement rates on websites and various social media platforms. 
  • Monitor your competitor: This outreach software lets you keep track of your competitors and gives you insights into where they get their content from.
  • Allows you to create powerful content: BuzzSumo allows you to see what content is trending and resonates with your audience.


When using BuzzSumo, there are four different pricing options; one is free. The free one entitles you to 10 free monthly searches and a custom feed. Similarly, other plans cost $99, $179, and $299 with different benefits. To know which plan suits you the best, you can use their 30-day free trial.

Bottom line 

Overall, BuzzSumo allows you to search for influencers, articles, and more to help with your outreach campaigns. They even give you options to track your competitors and look at your analytics from your platform. While they’re not as transparent in their prices as some competitors, they allow you a 30-day free trial for all their packages.

4. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is a complete digital marketing solution that allows you to do blogger outreach to help you gain more visibility and customers and connect with your target audience. They provide you with many features, from contacting influencers managing campaigns, and excellent outreach strategies. Mainly though, you can search for influencers through Youtube and Instagram channels. 

Key Features 

  • Easily find influencers: They have a database of one million influencers with their email addresses. Ninja Outreach also allows you to filter them based on location and industry.
  • Send email outreach to influencers: Ninja Outreach allows you to create personalized email outreach campaigns to the influencers on their platform. 
  • Efficient: They allow integration with social media marketing tools on various platforms, saving you time. 
  • Higher chances of more web traffic: You’re more likely to gain a higher volume of web traffic as they let you send automated emails, create links and gain backlinks.


When using Ninja Outreach, you can select two plans, Flex or pro. Both plans have different benefits, and you can pay yearly or monthly. The yearly for Flex is $155 a month, and the pro is $259 a month. Whereas monthly is $389 for Flex, and pro is $649 a month. Whatever plan you choose, you have the option of a 7 day free trial.

Bottom line 

To summarize, Ninja Outreach is a good platform for content marketing, email outreach, and more. They allow you to gain access to Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok influencers when looking for your prospective audience. Alongside this, you can create personalized business emails and follow-ups. To know more about their services, you might want to give their 7-day free trial a go. 

5. Snov.io

Another exciting email outreach campaign tool to enhance your sales process and help you scale is Snov.io. This software is insightful for different businesses as it allows you to locate emails using multiple methods. In particular, it’s excellent for blogger outreach, helps you track emails, verify them and organize your leads. 

Key features 

  • Allows you to track emails: They allow you to integrate their software with your Gmail account to help you track your existing email campaigns.
  • Verify emails: You can identify, duplicate, catch-all, and create temporary emails. 
  • Integration: They let you integrate their software with over 3000 tools and applications. 
  • Email drip campaigns: You can create personalized email sequences.


There are five different plans you can choose from with Snow.IO, and you can either pay annually or monthly.

Bottom line 

Snow.io is an interesting sales engagement platform as it allows you to harness the benefits of CRM, marketing, and analytics to boost your business. They have a variety of plans on a monthly and yearly basis to help increase your inbound sales. They allow you to use their service for free to know what’s best for you before paying. 

6. Pitchbox 

Pitchbox is one of the easiest to use cold email outreach tools. They combine influencer outreach, link building, and more. It’s a beneficial sales engagement platform for bloggers, SEO markets, PR experts, and more. From their software, you can undergo prospecting, SEO, CRM, gain access to reports, workflows, and more.

Key features 

  • Locate outreach prospects: They have a wide range of sales outreach tools to help you undergo advance locating of your prospects.
  • Review conversations: If you’ve had any leads from past email outreaches, Pitchbox has tools that record your old conversations.
  • Undergo automated email follow-ups: You don’t need to track which prospects have followed up by a spreadsheet. Their tool allows you to track their responses from one place and follow up accordingly. 
  • Monitor your email campaigns: Pitchbox has built-in analytics to allow you to track the performance of your outreach campaigns.


When it comes to pricing, Pitchbox isn’t entirely clear on how much they charge. Some blogs do mention they have monthly fees based on your user access. However to know more, its probably best you get in touch with them and they’ll give you a demo and quotation based on your needs.

Bottom Line

Overall, Pitchbox is a great software if you want to undergo link building, influencer and email outreach. However, it’s difficult to determine if it’s fully effective as they’re not clear on their costs upfront. To know more, you might want to contact them and they’ll give you a cost upfront.

7. Awario 

Awario is another tool to help you with your outreach campaigns as it allows you to gain greater insights from your customers, market, and competitors. This is one of the sales outreach tools that’s been featured in Forbes, Neil Patel, Entrepreneur, Moz, and more. They mainly focus on monitoring your keywords, view conversations, and more.

Key features 

  • Create leads: They help you search through social media platforms to find your prospective customers. 
  • Prioritize your email campaigns: You can organize your conversations into the ones that are relevant and ones that aren’t.
  • Evaluate your campaigns: They allow you to review your stats from each campaign assigning them into categories.


Awario has three pricing plans to choose from, either monthly or yearly, with different benefits. To help you decide what’s best for you, Awario has a 7 day free sign-up.

Bottom line 

Overall, Awario has been featured on many leading marketing websites and magazines. This software allows you to search for keywords and evaluate your campaigns. In terms of email outreach, they don’t directly state they offer this upfront. To know more about their features, you can try out to see if you like using their 7 day trial.


To summarize, many outreach tools are available to help your email outreach campaign and blogger outreach for your business. Some of the tools offer a whole integrated solution, whereas others just focus on a few. Most of the best email sales outreach tools we’ve mentioned today offer a free trial before signing up. If you run any type of business having the best email outreach tools for the buck is essential to generate more leads and scale. Therefore take your time to explore the options to see which benefits your business the best. 

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